Kitten Shower 2023

It has been raining kittens since last summer, and looks like things are going to get worse before they get any better!

Help MADACC face the challenges that Kitten Season brings in one of several ways! There is a way for EVERYONE to participate!

For Hands On Types:

  • Foster a mom with kittens, bottle baby kittens, weaning kittens or older kittens that just need a few weeks until they can have surgery. Fostering is fun and MADACC provides the supplies you need. Best of all, if you want to adopt one of your fosters, you get first pick, plus, you can adopt out your fosters to your friends, family and social network so you will be able to watch them grow and thrive. Learn more by clicking here.
  • Shop in person and drop off items that our fosters can use. Click here for the list.
  • Can you sew? We are looking for carrier covers and other blankies for the fosters to keep their kittens cozy. Info on sizing and fabric can be found here.
  • Can your cat reproduce? No judgement, but it is time to end their ability to fill shelters with kittens and their adult offspring who may have been dumped or lost. There are lots of ways for you to find a low cost spay/neuter appointment for a cat. Click here for options.
  • Watch for announcements for in-person Kitten Shower events! We will bring kittens to animal related businesses through the community in April and would love to meet you!

For Hands Off Types:

  • Use your online ordering talents and buy from our wishlist on Amazon or, or buy a prepackaged kit for us! You can choose the donations you are comfortable with at any level and know with 100% certainty that the life of a feline in Milwaukee County will be better for your generosity.
  • Make a donation! Click our donation link and in the box where you can leave a message, tell us for Kitten Shower 2023, or specify the item you would like purchased with your donation.
  • Spread the word about sterilization being the best path for most cats. Especially if they are indoor/outdoor cats. Aside from preventing unwanted pregnancies, which can result in the death of all the kittens and/or the mother just as easily as the live birth of a healthy litter, you will also prevent disease spread (cats do not get as close without the hormone attraction), and prevent unwanted behaviors such as spraying, yowling, and fighting.
  • Keep your cat indoors! Your cat will totally disagree, because outside is way more fun that looking out the window. But outside, cats kill birds. They can kill rodents that have been poisoned and cause their death. They can become prey to coyotes or other predators, even dogs. They use neighborhood gardens for litter box stops. They can be hit by a car, shot with a firearm, or a BB gun, or suffer other intentional injuries. Choose an indoor life for your cat. They will begrudgingly thank you for it.