Petflix and Snuggle Adoption Promotion

Choose your own adoption fee for select dogs and find true love through 5pm, April 2, 2023!

Spring is celebrated for many reasons but love and friendship are the most universal. What is better on a cold night than snuggling up on the sofa, with a fire going, and watching your favorite ROM-COM? Movies that make us laugh, open our hearts to surprising relationships and celebrate true love are our favorites. In that spirit we are hoping you can open your heart to an animal in need of a warm home, understanding, and give a second chance for a happy ending…

Join the movie and couch snuggles lifestyle by adopting a dog that will love you for just being you by taking part in MADACC’s PETFLIX Adoption Promotion! We have hundreds of dogs sitting here waiting for you to bring them home. Select animals during this month-long promotion are available for “Name your own adoption fee.” You pick the dog; you pick the adoption fee. You go home and enjoy unconditional love forever. Share your couch, and popcorn (in moderation) and live happily ever after.

Cannot adopt? But have some photoshop skills? You can participate in making a romantic comedy movie poster that helps promote dog adoptions at MADACC through April 2, 2023. We have posted some samples on our website and social media accounts, and at the end of the month we will have a vote on the best one – and a prize will be awarded! Submit your movie poster, using the MADACC logo, and the language about the adoption promotion to We will post submissions on social media to help spread the word about this great opportunity to bring home a new best friend on your terms! This adoption event is made possible through a grant from Friends of MADACC.

All adoptable and available dogs are listed here: and dogs that are part of the promotion will have “Petflix” as part of their name. Adopters that live in Milwaukee County will be required to purchase a $12 license but there are no geographical restrictions to adopt at MADACC. Dogs in foster and “preselect” adoptions are not eligible for the promotion.