Stray Cat Intake Services Temporarily Suspended

From Thursday, August 31 through close of business on Friday, September 8, 2023 MADACC is suspending stray cat intake services in order to manage cases of panleukopenia in the building.

The only exception to this will be the intake of sick or injured stray cats in need of immediate medical attention.

There will be no other facility accepting healthy stray cats and kittens during this time. Panleukopenia is in the environment and there are rising cases across southeastern Wisconsin.

Bringing in a healthy stray cat of unknown (or known) vaccine status will expose them to this disease and may result in euthanasia. Panleukopenia is not treatable in our facility. We have no quarantine space and the risk to the healthy population at MADACC would require euthanasia for animals that test positive or are symptomatic upon arrival.

If you find a healthy stray cat outside, these are your options:

  1. If that cat is healthy and in good shape, it may be an indoor/outdoor pet and has a home and an owner it will return to every day.
  2. If you are feeding cats outside on your property and act as their caretaker, they are not stray as you have assumed ownership. MADACC does not provide medical services for outdoor cats in the care of residents if they become sick or injured and should be taken to your vet for care.
  3. If you find a litter of kittens, please call MADACC at 414-649-8640 for instructions.
  4. You can take a photo and post found cats on MADACC’s found animals webage. This program would allow you to post and have an owner contact you directly through the application without providing your contact information. This will allow you to return cats to owners without the need for them to be taken into custody. The website is here:
  5. Law enforcement agencies and vet clinics will have microchip checking tools. You may be able to find an owner through a microchip if there is one present. If you have gotten a microchip number and have difficulty tracking it, contact MADACC for assistance by calling 414-649-8640.

Please do not take strays and abandon them at vet clinics, other animal welfare organizations, or law enforcement agencies.