COVID19 Operational Updates

In order to keep staff and visitors safe and comply with distancing and safety guidelines, MADACC is limiting access to our lobby. We are also requiring masks be worn in the facility, if you do not have one we can supply you with one to wear while you are here.

When adopters arrive they will be able to ring the bell for entry. We are limiting the number of adoptions occurring at one time to promote social distancing and disease transmission. We ask that prior to leaving the house, you check MADACC’s website to make sure there are animals you are interested in adopting available. We ask all adopters to wear a face mask, this is not optional and if you are unable to wear a mask for any reason for a non-essential service like an adoption, we will not be able to work with you until masks are no longer required for staff safety.

We are always looking for donations to support the animals at MADACC. You can donate directly to MADACC here:… using Amazon. You can bring donations to MADACC and either ring the bell and leave at the door for us to grab or call us at 414-649-8640 and we can send staff out to unload from your vehicle.

We are doing curbside vaccination clinics and curbside drop off and pick up for spay/neuter surgeries.


MADACC Kitten Intake 2020

Follow the MADACC Kitten Tracker and see how many kittens are being brought in due to human irresponsibility. If your indoor/outdoor cat is not sterilized, or you are feeding outdoor cats that breed, you are contributing to this high number every year. It is so important to have your cat sterilized. There are so many cats that need homes and every shelter is inundated all summer and fall. It is up to you to get these cats sterilized. Contact MADACC for sterilization options today!

Looking for canine companionship just for a weekend? Click here to learn more about our sleep-over program!