Thanks to sponsorship from Friends of MADACC, adoption fees are waived for adult cats 1 year and older, now through November 30th! All cats are spay/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, flea treatment, and microchipped. Milwaukee County residents will be required to purchase a license for $12. We recommend bringing a carrier or you can purchase one for $5. Check out the available cats under “Available Cats.” Adoption hours are 11-6 pm Monday through Friday and 11-4 pm Saturday and Sunday.

COVID19 Operational Updates

Do you own a Pit Bull type dog or a Rottweiler and live in the City of Milwaukee? If so, are you aware that the City of Milwaukee has a Pit Bull/Rottweiler ordinance (Folleto Rottweiler y Pitbull) with some guidelines for ownership and a required class you can take online through MADACC (también ofrecemos una versión en español)? The class is only $11 and easy to complete. MADACC will notify the City that you have completed the class and are in compliance with that portion of the ordinance. Call 414-649-8640 for more information on signing up.


MADACC Kitten Intake 2021

Follow the MADACC Kitten Tracker and see how many kittens are being brought in due to human irresponsibility. If your indoor/outdoor cat is not sterilized, or you are feeding outdoor cats that breed, you are contributing to this high number every year. It is so important to have your cat sterilized. There are so many cats that need homes and every shelter is inundated all summer and fall. It is up to you to get these cats sterilized. Contact MADACC for sterilization options today!

Looking for canine companionship just for a weekend? Click here to learn more about our sleep-over program!