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Lost Dogs of Wisconsin and Friends of MADACC have teamed up to offer free microchips to all animals reclaimed at MADACC in 2024. These chips will also be registered automatically and will hopefully in the future allow a return home before having to come to MADACC or allow MADACC to reach you quickly if your pet comes to our facility. If you are reclaiming your animal, make sure to ask for one if not offered!


All 19 municipalities in Milwaukee County require all dogs and cats to be licensed on an annual basis. Simply stated, a tagged animal is much easier to reunite with his/her owner. Please see our brochure about the benefits animals with licenses receive when found while wearing a current license should they happen to be found as a stray in the community: All municipalities in Milwaukee County now use the same fee structure for licensing.

Dog and Cat License Fees:

All dogs and cats over 5 months:

  • • Altered animals (spayed or neutered): $12 (After April 1, there is a late fee of $6 assessed)
  • • Intact animals (ones that can still breed): $24 (After April 1, there is a late fee of $12 assessed)

Puppies/Kittens 5 months old after July 1:

  • • Altered animals (spayed or neutered): $6
  • • Intact animals (ones that can still breed): $12

Note: A $1.00 processing fee is added to all online & mail-in licenses

At MADACC, we offer a convenient way to license, vaccinate against rabies (required for a pet license), and microchip through our “ONE-STOP” program. If you choose to come in person to MADACC to license your pet, please leave them at home unless you are getting them a rabies shot during walk-in hours. Online pet licensing is also available on our website.

Online pet licensing.

A list of vets MADACC partners with to sell pet licenses.

Why is it important to get a pet license?

Wisconsin State Statute requires that all dogs and cats over five months of age must have a current rabies tag and license tag-it’s the law! Pet licenses are considered permits mandating specified responsibility and privileges of ownership. Licenses provide identification for your pet’s protection and safety and can help assure that you can be reunited with your lost pet.

If your animal is wearing a current license when found, MADACC will bring your pet home once a year for FREE as part of our Licensing Incentive Program.

Pet licenses provide funding for the rescue, shelter, and care for the County’s lost, injured, abandoned, and mistreated animals. They also provide important information on dog populations in cities and can affect how government resources are allocated to fund dog-related programs.

When do pet licenses expire?

Your pet’s license expires on December 31st each year. You need to get a new license every year for each dog and cat over 5 months that you own.

What happens if I lose my license tag?

Current pet license tags can be replaced at MADACC for $2.


  •        • Low-Cost Spay/Neuter (Milwaukee County Residents ONLY as surgical space is available)
  •        • Dog Park Permits 
  •        • End of Life Services
  •        • City of Milwaukee Pit Bull Rottweiler Ordinance Information (City of Milwaukee Residents ONLY)
  •        • Microchipping 
  •        • Low-Cost Vaccines (Milwaukee County Residents ONLY)
  • Not sure who to call in Milwaukee County for animal-related assistance between Wisconsin Humane Society or MADACC? Click here to see where to look for help.


MADACC’s Low-Cost Cat & Dog Spay/Neuter Program for Milwaukee County Residents (Please note that we do not give the series of puppy/kitten shots – we will only provide the final shot in the series. If you have a new puppy or kitten you will need to go to a veterinarian to get an initial exam and begin the series of shots there under veterinary supervision). Please note we do not perform surgical procedures for animals over 100lbs!:

  • • All dogs up to 100lbs: $125 (must not be over 7 years old)
  • • All cats: $75
  • • Rabies Vaccine: $25.00
  • • Distemper Vaccination $15.00
  • • Bordetella Vaccination (surgery clients only) $15.00
  • • Microchip $25.00
  • • E-Collar $10.00
  • • Cardboard Carrier $5.00

Pet License: $12.00 Altered, $24.00 Unaltered, Late fee after March 31st.

All surgeries include an examination by a veterinarian. All animals must have a current rabies vaccination and current Milwaukee County pet license or the owner must be willing to have their animal’s rabies vaccinated ($15) and licensed at MADACC at the time of the spay/neuter surgery. Surgeries must be prepaid for at the time we schedule the surgery. We can take payment over the phone.

All patients must be 8 weeks old and weigh at least 2 pounds. If in the case of a male cat or dog one or both of the testicles have not descended (meaning that they are not present in the scrotum) you must advise us of that condition while scheduling the appointment. If you do not advise us in advance we may need to reschedule due to time constraints.

Adult dogs (patients 5 months and older) should have no food after 9:00 pm (water is okay) the night before surgery. Adult cats and puppies and kittens (patients 5 months and under), should have breakfast the morning of surgery. Water is okay anytime.

Dogs must be on a leash and cats in a carrier (one cat to a carrier except for litters of kittens).

Any pet not picked up by 7:00pm the same day of surgery will be impounded as an abandoned animal and held for the 5-day stray hold. Owner will be responsible for additional fees in order to reclaim the animal from MADACC. MADACC will make a decision on whether the animal is an adoption candidate but will not make guarantees on the outcome of an animal abandoned and not reclaimed. No refunds on surgery costs will be given to owners who abandon animals post-surgery.


NEW!!! Low-Cost Vaccines – Book Your Appointment ONLINE!

MADACC offers low cost vaccine appointments each week. Please click HERE and select the vaccines you wish to have your pet(s) receive. Once you appointment is booked we will call you to collect payment. Payment is required to confirm your appointment. 

Your pet must be licensed or you must license your pet at the time of vaccines. This program is for Milwaukee County residents ONLY.

Microchips Book Your Appointment ONLINE!

MADACC encourages all pet owners to microchip their pets. MADACC provides this service low-cost for $25, which includes registration. Microchipping pets is a simple, inexpensive way to permanently identify your pet and provides less chance that someone will steal your pet and leave you with no way to positively identify and prove ownership of your animal.  All animals that enter MADACC are scanned for a microchip. We can do walk-in appointments or you may book an appointment above to have a personal appointment. 

Dog Park Permits

All dogs who visit Milwaukee County dog parks are required to not only be up to date on their rabies vaccination and licensed, they also must have a dog park permit which can be purchased at MADACC. Please leave your pets at home when you come in to get the permit. 

  • • One-year dog park permit: $30
  • • Senior: $15
  • • Person with disability: $15
  • • Additional Dog (for multiple owners): $15
  • • Replacement Tag: $20

Dog off-leash locations are listed on the County Parks website. 

City of Milwaukee Pit Bull and Rottweiler Ordinance

There is a seminar required for compliance with the City of Milwaukee Pit Bull & Rottweiler Ordinance (Spanish version)that is presented by the City of Milwaukee Department of Neighborhood Services. These classes are held ONLINE only, and you need an email address for us to send you the login information. The class has a fee of $11.00 which you can pay over the phone with a credit card or you can pay in person at MADACC. The login info and the course information will be sent to you on the next weekday business day (for example, if you register on Saturday or Sunday, you will get the email to complete the course on the following Monday or next business day). There is a Spanish version of the class as well if you prefer.

To register, please call MADACC at 414-649-8640 or stop in when we are open.

End of Life Services for Companion Animals

MADACC provides euthanasia services for unwanted owned animals brought to the shelter and signed over by the owner for euthanasia requests. Fees for euthanasia/cremation are as follows:

Dogs: $125

Cats: $100

Unfortunately, MADACC cannot allow owners to stay with animals during euthanasia, and cannot provide ashes to owners afterward. Should you prefer either of those options, please check with your veterinarian or contact a mobile veterinarian for those services.

MADACC cannot allow animals that are brought in to be euthanized to leave our facility for burial in a yard as the drugs used can enter the food chain and water supply. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Animals that pass away at home can be brought to MADACC for cremation for a $50 fee for dogs and $25 for cats.

Licensing Incentive Program

Remember, MADACC has a wonderful licensing incentive program where animals found wearing a current license tag are eligible for a FREE ride home without penalty each year, often not having to come into our facility at all! Learn more here.

Do you need help with your own pet? Click here for helpful links.