MADACC Now Offers Pre-Selection Adoptions


Why Pre-Selection Adoption?

MADACC strives to save as many lives as possible. There are many ways that animal control facilities can ensure that animals keep moving quickly through the system to prevent over-crowding and space and resource issues which could lead to unnecessary euthanasia. To that end, we have created programming that facilitates the availability of space and resources we have for incoming animals so we never have to euthanize for time or space. It is imperative that we do all we can to make sure animals get out of our facility as soon as possible.

Among these programs are the “FREE Ride Home” Program that provides one free ride home per year if an animal is picked up wearing a current license and has a current rabies vaccine (Milwaukee County residents only). We have developed a robust foster program for kittens that helps us have open space for incoming adult feline strays (always looking for more foster homes – click here for more info). We also have a transfer program where adoptable animals are transferred to other adoption facilities throughout Wisconsin once their stray hold is complete. Finally, MADACC now offers a full-adoption program that is no longer limited to only cats and pit bull type dogs called the Pre-Select Program.

The animals chosen for Pre-Select are highly desirable dogs and cats due to age, size, personality, and health. These animals were previously sent to other shelters out of the area, but due to a high demand for companion animals here in Milwaukee, it made more sense for MADACC to make these animals available for adoption.

What is Pre-Selection Adoption?

The Pre-Selection Adoption program identifies animals at intake that do not have identification such as a collar or microchip, that are less likely to be reclaimed, and who have an extremely adoptable personality, to be offered for adoption while they are being held on stray hold. Should an owner reclaim the animal, the adoption will be voided and the potential adopter will have the adoption fee refunded. If the owner does not reclaim the animal, the animal will be spayed/neutered and vetted as soon as possible to the first day it came off of stray hold. We do this to make sure as many animals can leave as soon as possible, again, to have resources available for animals that continue to come into our facility. ALL PRESELECT ADOPTIONS MUST BE PAID FOR VIA CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD! No exceptions. This makes any potential refunds easier to process.

Not all animals will qualify for Pre-select. Only those who are listed with a notation saying they are part of the Pre-Select Program are available for pre-selection adoption. Other animals may become available for traditional adoption after stray hold is complete, while other animals will thrive better in a different shelter or rescue environment and those animals will be transferred.

Click here to search adoptable animals at MADACC.

Please do not inquire about animals not selected for our adoption program as they will have a different path to adoption or be waiting for an owner to come get them.

Available cats can be viewed in our lobby during all public hours.

PLEASE COME IN PERSON when you are ready to adopt! It is the best way to make a match for you and your family.

How Can You Adopt a Pre-Select Animal or ANY Animal from MADACC?

We advise anyone interested in adopting an animal from us to come into MADACC during adoption hours which are Monday – Friday from 11pm – 6pm and Saturday and Sunday from 11am – 4pm. You can fill out an “Adopter Profile” when you arrive at MADACC. It takes just a few moments to get the info we need and then you can meet the animal(s) you may be interested in. Adoptions happen so quickly here, you could call and ask if an animal is available for adoption only to wait and come in later the same day to find it has already been adopted. As well, even if the animal your were interested in has been adopted another one that you might be interested in might have just come in and you can meet that one immediately.

We cannot answer questions about animals via phone so we ask that you make inquiries in person. Our front office staff does not have information about the animals available for adoption and focus their efforts on lost and found animals, licensing and public medical service scheduling. When you arrive at MADACC we have volunteers and staff that will be happy to help you and answer questions about individual animals that we have available.

Adoption fees for dogs range from $25 to $500 and for cats $0 to $300. All adopted animals are spayed/neutered, checked for heartworm, given a broad spectrum de-wormer, treated for fleas when fleas are observed, and given age appropriate vaccines including rabies. Milwaukee County residents will be required to pay an additional $12 for a license.

Hey! How Come My Dog or Cat is Available For Adoption? Is that legal?

MADACC has very low reclaim rates compared to the national average. Despite all of the hard work we do to reunite animals with their families, cats are rarely reclaimed and dogs have only a 30% chance of going home with their original owners. Many people do not look for animals during the 5 day stray hold. Other animals are dropped off as strays by their owners when they are unable to care for them anymore instead of bringing them to Wisconsin Humane Society, where owner surrenders are better served toward a path to adoption.

If you find out that your animal is available for adoption, please do not be concerned. We believe that all animals belong back in their homes with their owners and even if the animal has been adopted, your rights as owner will always void any adoption. It is important that you call us the minute you know your pet is missing and make a trip to MADACC every two days to look in person for your animal. Knowing that your animal is awesome enough to be selected for our Pre-Selection program is a compliment and tribute to the love and care that you have shown them.

It is perfectly legal for MADACC to show animals to potential adopters. They are not signing documents that give them any ownership of your animal and you are always more than welcome to come to MADACC to reclaim your animal. If you need more time to reclaim an animal, please call us so we are aware of any hardships or challenges you may be experiencing so that we can work that issue out for you.

Wait! I Fell in Love with my Pre-Select Adoption Animal and the Owner came to Reclaim it! That is NOT Fair!

We totally understand how hard it would be for you to meet an animal and fall in love, only to have the animal go home with someone else. With such a low reclaim rate, the chances of that happening are low, though they do exist. Please approach our Pre-Select adoptions with the right frame of mind that you want to help a homeless animal, and if the animal you met went home, it was not a homeless animal that needed help after all! The animal meant for you is out there waiting to meet you. Trust us, as much as we love happy adoption photos, nothing beats the joy of an animal who is finally back in the arms of the people it has known and loved. We will find the right animal for you if this happens, so please give us a chance and think of this program as a new way to help us save lives in our community. Not a heartbreaker.

Your adoption fee will be fully refunded should your Pre-Select animal be reclaimed. Paying via credit card will expedite that process.

We want to make sure all potential adopters are very aware of this possibility and are prepared for it should it occur.

MADACC is very excited to be able to share a wider variety of animals for adoption with our community and to have more residents come to our facility to add to their family, take advantage of our low cost veterinary services, and help us as we work to create a more humane community.