Friends of MADACC Adoption Promotion

This program is only available to those who agree to foster a dog for 5 days before adopting it ONLY.

Ever want to adopt a dog but were afraid of getting married, so to speak, on the first date? Worried about adopting a shelter dog and want to take some time getting to know each other?

Now, is your opportunity to take a dog home and give them a “test drive” for 5 days to see if you will be a good fit! If it is a perfect match you will get 50% off the adoption fee! No risk trial adoptions.

Starting May 15, any dog that is off of their stray hold will be available to be fostered for five days to see how they will fit into your home. No age, or breed restrictions! **If AFTER the five day “test drive”, you know you were meant to be together, you can complete your adoption** if the dog is already fully vaccinated, microchipped, and sterilized. A $12 license fee will apply in addition to your discounted adoption fee.

If you have taken a dog that is not sterilized home, you will be given a surgery date to return to MADACC and at that time you may complete your adoption and pick your pup up after surgery during discharge at 4pm the same day. As mentioned above, a $12 license fee will apply in addition to your discounted adoption fee.

Sometimes, you know right away this is not your forever dog. If you want to return the dog at anytime during your test drive, you are able to do so. Do you want some down time after? No problem. Did you want to try another furry friend? Just say the word!

Anytime a dog spends outside of MADACC has amazing results. Less stress. Calmness. Being in a home, even for a few days. This program is a win-win for the dogs and the fosters! Time outside of the shelter for them and then seeing how a new dog is going to fit into your life without permanent commitment.

Here is the fine print:

  • – All fosters must live in Milwaukee County
  • – MADACC will need to take a photo-copy of your driver’s license
  • – You will need to sign a standard foster to adopt agreement (no adoption is required but it is hoped for)
  • – All dogs will be microchipped and will remain MADACC property during the foster period.
  • – Your foster dog should not go to any dog parks and should be kept away from other animals outside the home during foster period.
  • – Foster dogs cannot leave Milwaukee County during the foster period.
  • – Only one animal can be on a test drive per family, household or property at a time.
  • – Dogs on pre-select or on stray hold are not eligible for a Test Drive as an owner deserves the ability to reclaim during that legal period.
  • – If a dog is on pre-select, you should adopt it rather than take a chance another family will foster before you.
  • – Finder adoptions are not eligible for this program.

There are no exceptions to the above rules at any time or for any reason. If you are a Test Drive foster and want to save time and fill this out at home instead of when you are returning a dog, please download the personality profile by clicking here.