Operation Reunification 2023

Did you know that in 2022 MADACC had an average of 6.5% of cats that came in returned to owner and an average of only 35% of dogs returned to owner? Out of over 11,000 animals! We can, and must, do better and that is why we are teaming up with two other groups dedicated to reducing shelter intake and increasing live outcomes at MADACC to make that happen!

Thanks to a grant from Friends of MADACC, MADACC was able to distribute new microchip readers to all law enforcement agencies in Milwaukee County, including all 7 districts for Milwaukee Police Department. Finders can go to those facilities 24-hours a day, which are local and closer to the home of the animal, and have the staff there scan for a microchip and they can contact the owner without the animal having to come to MADACC.

Lost Dogs of Wisconsin and Friends of MADACC have teamed up to offer free microchips to all animals reclaimed at MADACC in 2023. These chips will also be registered automatically and will hopefully in the future allow a return home before having to come to MADACC or allow MADACC to reach you quickly if your pet comes to our facility. Lost Dogs of Wisconsin and the Community Friends of Linda Mueller have made this grant available in loving memory of Linda Mueller, who was a mutual volunteer at Lost Dogs of Wisconsin and MADACC.

In addition, all dogs and cats that are reclaimed at MADACC will qualify for a VIP Spay/Neuter surgery rate (50% of the regular public price) if the surgery is scheduled at, or within 30 days of reclaim. Friends of MADACC is subsidizing the rest of the cost to make this possible. Sterilized animals are far less likely to roam. In addition, especially with cats, this may decrease the number of kittens and cats with newborn kittens coming into MADACC each year.

MADACC, Friends of MADACC and Lost Dogs of Wisconsin will be looking for additional ways to collaborate this year and in the future to ensure that we can increase the number of animals safely returned to their homes each year. You can read the full press release for Operation Reunification here.