Parent/Guardian Volunteer Teams

MADACC is happy to announce that we are now accepting volunteers age 13-17 with a parent present.

Volunteer options for ages 13-17 include:

Canine Turndown Service

Volunteers will be assigned a dog ward or wards, population dependent, to do walk throughs ensuring all dogs have fresh water, that there are no enrichment toys left in the kennels overnight which could be considered a choking hazard, report medical concerns to Veterinary Assistants (diarrhea, bleeding, lethargy, nasal or eye discharge, scratching, hair loss, vomiting, or behavior changes) and pick up poop where necessary so that dogs are comfortable for the evening. Volunteers will then restock their assigned wards with food/bowls/trays/garbage bags, and other supplies as necessary, time permitting.

Kitty Concierge- Supper Club

Volunteers are responsible for making sure all cats/kittens have fresh water and clean litterboxes. They will then restock the cat wards with food/bowls/trays/garbage bags, and other necessary supplies time permitting. Volunteers will note concerns including vomiting, nasal or eye discharge, diarrhea, scratching or hair loss, or behavior changes.

Volunteers ages 16-17 are also able to be trained for Dog Walking (with a parent present)

Dog Walkers will walk dogs and teach basic skills to their assigned dogs, to include: not jumping at the kennel door, sit, waiting at doors, proper greetings when meeting new people, etc. Dog Walkers will also note both positive behaviors and behaviors needing modification on each dog’s profile, as well as notify the Veterinary staff of any health concerns.

To volunteer, we ask that the parent fill out our volunteer application and in the “Tell Us About Yourself” section, please mention that this is for you and your child. Please provide your child’s name and age. Only 1 child may volunteer with their parent at a time. You may have multiple children volunteer, but it must be on and individual basis. Once we receive your application you will receive an email to sign up for a Volunteer Orientation. We ask that both the child and the parent attend.

If you have any questions, please email the Volunteer Coordinator, Kate Hartlund at