What to do when MADACC is CLOSED!

Overnight and on holidays when MADACC will not be open for business, please read the following instructions for how to proceed with an animal control situation:

I have found a stray dog/cat

If you have found a stray dog or cat you can drop it off at your local police department or district. The police have procedures in place for handling animals that are brought to them when MADACC is closed. If the animal needs immediate medical attention (active bleeding, motor vehicle injury, animal is lateral) they can be brought to VCA MECA. Animals that do not need immediate medical attention can also be brought to your local police department (limps, minor abrasions, poor body condition). MADACC cannot accept animals outside of operation hours, even if there are staff present in the building, due to safety and security reasons. No other organization outside of local law enforcement can take in a stray. If you are able to safely hold the animal overnight you can bring the animal in to MADACC the next business day or call us at 8am (414-649-8640) the next business day and arrange for MADACC to pick up.

You are able to post lost and found animals directly to our website at the following links:

Report a FOUND animal

Report a LOST animal

Owners and finders will be able to contact you directly through the app avoiding MADACC needing to take custody.

I need to surrender my animal

MADACC does not take owner surrenders unless they are euthanasia candidates for documented illness or behavior issues. If that is the case, and we are closed, you will need to decide if your animal can wait until the next business day MADACC is open or if you need to go to a veterinarian for immediate service. Fees will apply for euthanasia service at MADACC. Animal surrenders are handled through Wisconsin Humane Society. There is often a waiting list during busy months, so if you are experiencing an emergency situation, you must make them aware of that. They WILL work with people if you advise of financial, time or other issues related to an animal surrender.

I need to report an animal crime, animal abandonment or animal cruelty/neglect

MADACC does not investigate animal crimes. Animal cruelty investigations are handled by local law enforcement and you can contact your local police department 24 hours a day.

There is a sick or injured wild animal in crisis

If you need help with a wild animal, please contact Wisconsin Humane Society Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. There are links for online assistance but normally you will need to leave a message and a representative will contact you back as soon as possible. No animal welfare organization will assist with problem wild animals on private property and we recommend you seek the services of a professional trapper. It is best to accept that wild animals are all around us at all times and to work to make your property an undesirable place to set up a home for them. There are many resources online to give you tips on how to deter wild animals from becoming unwanted boarders on your property.