MADACC will be closed on Monday, May 29, 2023 in observance of Memorial Day. Please make sure your pets have visible ID with current information on their collar and secure them (preferably indoors) if you leave them home while attending parades or other public events. Many animals go stray on holidays. For information on what to do with strays while MADACC is closed, click here.


** CATS NOW INCLUDED** Help us GET THE FUR OUT! Too many dogs AND cats are here and we need help getting them out into loving families! Adoption fees are WAIVED from Monday – Friday ONLY for select dogs that are tagged as being in the CURRENT ADOPTION PROMOTION and cats 1-year-old and over (purebred kitties excluded)! We need to empty out each week to handle weekend intakes. Click HERE to see adoptable dogs and cats NOW! Full fees apply for all dogs and cats on Saturday and Sunday. $12 license fee applies to all adoptions. This promotion is sponsored by Friends of MADACC.

 MADACC is FULL! We need adopters and fosters for dogs ASAP! MADACC does not take owner surrenders and if you need to surrender a pet, please contact Wisconsin Humane Society to make an appointment to do so, or contact another rescue that might be able to help. We need everyone to put visible ID on their dog’s collar and make sure their microchip is updated so we can bring animals straight home rather than impound. Please help us weather this storm which looks like it will continue through the end of the year.

MADACC, Friends of MADACC and Lost Dogs of Wisconsin are teaming up to help increase the odds of getting your pet back home safely, and if possible, without a trip to MADACC! Learn more about programs available to Milwaukee County Pet Owners by clicking here!

Help is available for owners in need! is a social care platform to connect all people in need and the programs that serve them with dignity and ease. When families struggle, pets do, too. Loved pets are given up to animal shelters, by heartbroken owners who think this is their only option., available for free, is the first platform of its kind to make accessing pet support easy, keeps families together and prevents pets being unnecessarily surrendered to shelters.

Training, in your home, at your convenience, no matter where you live or where your dog came from!

In need of training for your dog? No matter where you adopted the dog from, if you have had your dog for a while, or live anywhere in the USA, you can use GoodPup University for one week FREE! There are lots of benefits for signing up to try the free week. You get one-on-one support, individual training plan, chat help anytime and you can send photos or videos to show behaviors you need help with, scheduling around your schedule and so much more! Click here to sign up (this is the link for MADACC referrals), or read this flyer to learn more. We are impressed with the trainers, which use force-free, reward based training techniques. You can sign up for additional training at a low cost and all you need is a phone, computer or tablet.

Short and long term fosters NEEDED! Click HERE for more info!

From a weekend out of the shelter, to socializing kittens until surgery and adoption, to helping us learn about the personality of a shy animal – we have a foster option for you! Fosters also get to be first in line to adopt their temporary roommate, or to find a home for them via your friends and family. We need help every day to ensure all animals can find a second chance and our fosters are a critical part of that! See what opportunities are available. Do it once a year, do it all summer. You get to choose!