Everywhere we look, there’s a dog…a leash to hold on to…

MADACC is FULL with dogs waiting for adoption! Friends of MADACC is sponsoring our Full House adoption event where the adoption fee is waived for all dogs that are fully vetted and can leave immediately, and are over 40lbs. Large dogs languishing in shelters is a nationwide problem! Adopt one of the pups that need you the most! Click here to see our adoptable dogs and look for an “FH” before their name to know who is part of the adoption special. $12 license fee for Milwaukee County residents…

MADACC is proud to partner with pets.findhelp.com. Finding free and low-cost pet services just got a lot easier!

pets.findhelp.com is a social care platform to connect all people in need and the programs that serve them with dignity and ease. When families struggle, pets do, too. Loved pets are given up to animal shelters, by heartbroken owners who think this is their only option. pets.findhelp.com, available for free, is the first platform of its kind to make accessing pet support easy, keeps families together and prevents pets being unnecessarily surrendered to shelters.

MADACC Partners with GoodPup University!

In need of training for your dog? No matter where you adopted the dog from, if you have had your dog for a while, or live anywhere in the USA, you can use Good Pup University for one week FREE! There are lots of benefits for signing up to try the free week. You get one-on-one support, individual training plan, chat help anytime and you can send photos or videos to show behaviors you need help with, scheduling around your schedule and so much more! Click here to sign up (this is the link for MADACC referrals), or read this flyer to learn more. We are impressed with the trainers, which use force-free, reward based training techniques. You can sign up for additional training at a low cost and all you need is a phone, computer or tablet. Remember, dog trainers train YOU to modify the unwanted behavior no matter where you go. You go at your own pace, you get feedback, you get homework and you might be able to improve problem behaviors to keep your best friend with the person they love the most – YOU!

Join the MADACC Team! New Opportunities!

We have NEW full and part-time openings. If you are looking for a career that is so much more, check out our open positions here. MADACC is an excellent place to work where you make a real difference in the lives of the animals and people in our community. Working at MADACC is a dynamic, challenging, heartbreaking, heartwarming and life changing experience. Apply and see why!

City of Milwaukee Pit Bull/Rottweiler Ordinance

The City of Milwaukee has a Pit Bull/Rottweiler ordinance (Folleto Rottweiler y Pitbull) with some guidelines for ownership and a required class you can take online through MADACC. The class is only $11 and easy to complete. MADACC does not believe in BSL, but we offer this class to help owners and their beloved pets stay together. MADACC will notify the City that you have completed the class and are in compliance with that portion of the ordinance. Call 414-649-8640 for more information on signing up.

MADACC Weekend Sleepover Program

Looking for canine companionship just for a weekend? Our Weekender program is just the ticket to a weekend guest or to test drive a potential new family member. Click here to learn more about our sleep-over program!